Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last glaze load of July

I don't normally do more than one glaze load in a month unless when it is close to the show time.  However, there's always exception.  I have to get my chopstick pillows ready for my parents, so there you go....

I haven't been all that lucky these days.  I had a cracked plate during drying early this month, then now another cracked plate, this time during glaze fire.  :(  My guess is that the plate was made too thin and it was trapped between 2 plate sitters (probably not enough air flow)...I am really making this up, don't really know why.  However, I know for sure I don't want this happen again!

On the bright side, the chopstick pillows turned out great!  I hope my parents like them.  I wonder which one they will choose.  I have a feeling they like the bluish one more than the red one.  I will post the result when I find out. :p

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Glaze load July 2

I always have mixed feelings between the time when the kiln has started up and the time to open up the kiln once it's cool down.  One side of me was really looking forward to see the finished products and on the other hand, I was really worried about all the different things it could happen when firing a glaze load.  Especially this time around I'd tested some new combinations.  It's good that all pieces survived the heat...YAY!

BTW, I sent in my Fall Guild Show application last Friday, which means that I have to work harder.  The good news is that I already have quite a number of glazed pieces...much better than the same time last year.  :)

The top shelf (only a half shelf)

3rd shelf (Love how the mysterious blue turned out)

Half of the 2nd shelf

Bottom shelf (I love how burgundy turned out this time - after I dipped it for 6 seconds)

Result for the whole load :)