Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just under 11 weeks 'til the Ottawa Guild of Potters' Holiday Sale

Can't believe my last blog was in March?!  Where did the time go?  

Although I haven't been updating the blog but I have been making new pieces (not too many though).  I made some tumblers, stack-able coffee mugs, espresso cups, plates, bowls, vase and also a casserole.

This is now Brenda's espresso cup.

The one I use at work :)

A vase, casserole, tumblers and a flower pot.

stack-able mugs
And now it's only 11 weeks from the Holiday Sale, I have to pick up the speed again.  But then I really don't throw fast, I guess I will just have to find more time to stay in the studio.  Today is that perfect day, it's pretty cool out (only around 10 degrees Celsius and rainy)....back to the studio I go.