Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pottery show 2008

Thought I would upload a picture of my show and would also like to thanks everyone who came by today!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

1 week before pottery show

The show is one week from today and I've been spending my studio time glazing. And of course, preparing for the show....all the pricing are done, sanding is underway...I am getting quite excited about the show.

Here are some pictures of my latest work: :)

Glazes: Slate Blue & Kermit Green

Glazes (for all 4 bowls above): Black & Harvest Gold

Glazes (for the 2 hand-build plates above): Mysterious Blue

My first casserole in Mysterious Blue & Lord Jim

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This time around, I'd tried many new combination of glazes. I think they turned out quite nice!

These two mugs were glazed with Mysterious Blue and Lord Jim.

These two bowls were glazed with Black and Harvest Gold.
This one was glazed with Slate Blue and Kermit, quite interesting combination.
This one is the most special, it's not a combination, but new glaze, BUTTER!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


These are the pots I made during the summer session. They are glazed with Kermit Green and Mysterious Blue.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Fall session of pottery has started again tonight. Man, 3 weeks not doing pottery is quite something. I missed my pots so much....

Anyways, I went to studio today and started to look for my pots. The two glazed bowls were sitting on the shelf, they are the big bowls that I made last session. One of them has a big crack at the bottom and I thought it won't work now. However, when I saw it today, the glaze has covered the crack up quite nicely and I think the bowl is still usable. Then I went to look for the bisque ones. I knew I should have 2 mugs and 2 bowls, but it turned out I had another 2 bowls that I totally forgot about. What a SURPRISE!

I was quite busy tonight, I glazed all those bisque wares and made 3 things. One of the thing I made tonight was a casserole. I haven't made one for a long time, let's see how this one turns out.

I've also found out this year's Winter Pottery & Art show will be November 22 - 23. I am putting my registration form through, let's see if I will get in lah!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pots from the summer session

The summer pottery session went by so fast. There weren't too many pieces from the session. One thing I had tried this session was making bigger pots, many thanx to Julie for her encouragement. Julie had asked me to make her a big bowl for fruits, well, I hadn't really make any big bowl until then. So, here it is, Julie's fruit bowl.

Used about 5 pounds of clay, probably trimmed down to 2.5 - 3 pounds and glazed with Kermit Green and Mysterious Blue.

Other than the fruit bowl, I'd also made some small bowls. Here is one of them (Kermit Green and Dark Clear Green):

Besides pots that were thrown off the wheel, I also made a couple of hand-built plates. Of course Richard did the craving. The bamboos look very nice on these plates. One interesting thing about these plates are that they were glazed with the same glaze (Mysterious Blue) on the same night, but somehow one of them came out more green.

Studio doesn't start again until September 26, so until then....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pots from the spring session

Haven't been taking pictures for my pots lately, finally took the camera out this, I had 13 new pots sitting on the counter for a few weeks. Yes, it's time to move them down to the basement. :)

My husband has started to decorate my hand-built plates (by carving bamboos) and I think he has done an excellent job with them. They are all glazed with Elusive Green.

I've also made a number of mugs. And last Friday, I had finally made a mug with lid for my grandmother, hopefully it will turn out OK.

Randy's Red Mug
Black all over and Mysterious Blue inside

A hugh mug with Black and Harvest Gold?

Another hugh mug with Black and Harvest Gold?
And of course, my noodle bowls...(with Black and Mysterious Blue)

And regular bowl...(Kermit with Mysterious Blue and Dark Clear Green ragged on)
Some plates...
Randy's Red and Mysterious Blue

Randy's Red with Black (sponged on the leaves)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

After 2 weeks off...

After two weeks off (due to March break and Good Friday), I got to make new pots again! It was quite exciting, especially after I 've seen the following pots from the shelf. These were glazed just before the 2-week holidays.

I personally really like this one, not the shape though. I like the colour combination, it's Denim Blue with Randy's Red splashed on.

This combination I used to do quite often 2 years ago. It's half Denim Blue and half Randy's Red.

This one is my current favourite combination, however it doesn't always turn out nicely. It's Kermit Green and Mysterious Blue.

I love this one too. It's Rany's Red all over (on dark clay of course)!

A mug in Mysterious Blue.

This is probably a vase with my brush on glaze (don't remember what's it called).

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy New Year!

OK, it's a bit late to send my New Year wishes (hey hey, not that late to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year - the new year has just started a week and and half ago), and I really mean it! Pottery didn't start up again until mid-January. So, no new glazed pots until a few weeks ago.

At the end of last year, I had decided to make some hand-build pots. And Rich (my husband) had decided to decorate (carve) them for me. They turned out very nice.

Randy's Red on mid-cal 0 clay
I think Randy's Red turns out really nice on dark clay.

Randy's Red and sponge on black (the metallic part)

This is one of my favourite plate. Rich did a great job with the edges and the bamboo. The base colour is Mysterious Blue and sponge on black.

This is my other favourite plate. This is glazed with Denim Blue and splash on Randy's Red.

More noodle bowls! There were people asking about them at my last show. I figured I would make a couple more. I made 4 but only 2 turned out :(. I really like this colour too, the base colour is black and the inside is Mysterious Blue.

Guess what?! I screwed up this plate while I trimmed it (It flew off the wheel). Anyway, I thought I would give my creative a try and this is what it turned out! It looks OK, right? I think so. It is glazed with Elusive Green. I personally think Elusive Green looks better on white clay. I would show a piece using white clay and glazed with Elusive Green, however that piece cracked!