Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It was a disaster!

I was very disappointed with my first glaze fire of the year.  It was a disaster!  I had really hope for some good pieces but at the end only these red mugs turn out ok.  

This one is with texture honey which ran a bit and some small piece is now stuck on the kiln shelf.  :(

I like the effect on this one, however the handle cracked!

This one stays put with the kiln shelf.  :'(

Guess what?!  I am shopping for some new kiln shelves just in case I can't get that lovely mug off the kiln shelf.  It also means that I have to make more pieces to recover from this mishap.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

February update

Ok, I know it's close to the end of March...but it doesn't mean that I've been slacking off.  I was on a business trip to Germany for 2 weeks during the last week of February.  However, I did make my 6 pieces before I left for the trip.  They are small bowls which made out of porcelain.  It was some hard work, I am not sure if it's because the porcelain is too dry or it's too cold, but the clay is really hard.  It's good that I didn't make big pieces.  I was rushing to trim them before I was to my trip.  

I wrapped them up nicely so that I was still able to clean them when I came back early March.  I had also fired them already.  So far I am still doing Ok with my new year resolution.  :)

Right now, the kiln is running with some glazed work, just 10 more minutes to go.  Can't wait to see them...some mugs, some bowls and a platter.