Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pottery Sale 2007

This past weekend was the annual Winter Arts and Pottery Sale at the Nepean Sportsplex and I am delighted to be part of. This also shows that I have been blogging for a year, since my blog was first launched after last year's pottery sale. Time really flies and it has been a year already. This weekend sale was my 4th sale and it was my first time to use the whole table. Richard is very nice and made me two pagodas as decoration (see picture). I had about 45 pieces to the show/sale and met with many nice people. I think the whole event went really well as usual. Thanks everyone who'd come by.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pottery Sale in two weeks

I am so excited that I will be taking part in the pottery sale again this year. It's going to be my fourth sale and it will be at the Nepean Sportsplex on November 24 - 25. I will have about 40 pieces at the show. Here are some of the new ones:

Mysterious Blue & Kermit Green on white clay

Mysterious Blue and Black on white clay

Mysterious Blue and Kermit Green on brown clay