Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy New Year!

OK, it's a bit late to send my New Year wishes (hey hey, not that late to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year - the new year has just started a week and and half ago), and I really mean it! Pottery didn't start up again until mid-January. So, no new glazed pots until a few weeks ago.

At the end of last year, I had decided to make some hand-build pots. And Rich (my husband) had decided to decorate (carve) them for me. They turned out very nice.

Randy's Red on mid-cal 0 clay
I think Randy's Red turns out really nice on dark clay.

Randy's Red and sponge on black (the metallic part)

This is one of my favourite plate. Rich did a great job with the edges and the bamboo. The base colour is Mysterious Blue and sponge on black.

This is my other favourite plate. This is glazed with Denim Blue and splash on Randy's Red.

More noodle bowls! There were people asking about them at my last show. I figured I would make a couple more. I made 4 but only 2 turned out :(. I really like this colour too, the base colour is black and the inside is Mysterious Blue.

Guess what?! I screwed up this plate while I trimmed it (It flew off the wheel). Anyway, I thought I would give my creative a try and this is what it turned out! It looks OK, right? I think so. It is glazed with Elusive Green. I personally think Elusive Green looks better on white clay. I would show a piece using white clay and glazed with Elusive Green, however that piece cracked!