Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pictures from Spring 2009 session

Almost half way through the Spring 2009 session, it's definitely time to update my blog with some pictures. There were also some interesting moments I would like to share. The first interesting moment was me having trouble trimming a pot.... no matter how I trimmed it, the foot was still not level (according to my leveler). It turned out that the table was not level. I would have never thought of it if I didn't have my leveler. The second interesting moment was that I managed to spend over 2-3 classes (I lost count already) and still weren't able to finish my 9 mugs. I guess attaching handles just take a long time... I still have 3 mugs to finish off for next week. Guess I won't be making mugs for a while, at least not for this session.

Here are some pictures of my new pots:

Black and Mysterious Blue have to be my all my favorite combination.

Randy's Red mug

These lovely plates were craved by Richard and glazed with Mysterious Blue. He is quite an artist!