Monday, August 9, 2010

First load - bisque firing

Loading the kiln was my biggest concerns/worries when I was thinking to start my home studio. I had never done it before and I've heard many bad things that can happen if you don't do it right. I guess that's true for everything we do, if we don't do it right, bad thing can happen! Anyway, to prepare myself for loading the kiln for the very first time. I went online to check out the How to. is a great website, I've found many pottery videos with excellent information. Of course, thanks to the instructors putting in all the effort producing the videos! I love those videos from Emily ( She explains the steps very well. With her help, I was able to prepare my kiln furniture (put kiln wash on them), learnt how to load my kiln properly etc and here is the result.....First load ever started on July 31 at around 2 pm with preheat set for an hour. It contained 14 pieces with some of them stack. It took just over 9 hours to complete and was unload the next afternoon. I'm very pleased with the result and no longer worry about bisque firing. I guess the next thing I have to worry about is mixing the glaze and of course glaze firing!

My studio

It has finally happened....despite all of my very own pottery studio!

I've been quite busy with my new home studio. The wheel and kiln has been delivered at the end of June and everything was ready to go by mid July. Speical thanks go to Jim @ Woodlawn Kiln Service and my very supportive husband. Without them, my studio won't be ready this quickly!

I've been using my brand new wheel making new pieces. The wheel is nice and quiet. The new clay (from Pottery Supply House) is so easy to throw with. I LOVE IT! With the home studio, I was able to work on something that I have never done for a long time.....soap dispenser! I enjoy my new studio very much, although there are still lots of thing to learn. The next thing is to load the kiln!