Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

Year 2015 came to an end and here we are the first day of 2016.  A perfect time to review last year.

2015 was an adventure for me on all fronts. 

On the work front, I had 3 different managers and many of my co-workers who I'd worked very closely for the past 9 and a half year left.  But I did celebrate my 10 years working of the same company this past October.  Guess that's a great accomplishment.

On the volunteering front, I worked on 2 different websites (actually one is still in the work and should go live soon).  One of them is for the Miata club, which the club organized a big invitation event back in August and I did the website for the registration.  The other one is for the pottery club, where the club is in the process to migrate the existing website to a new server and at the same time the website was redesigned using WordPress.  The migration is almost done and I am hoping to get it all up and running in the next 48 hours or so.

We went away twice last year too.  We had a winter escape for a week in April and then we had a fall escape to South Africa for 3 weeks back in November/December.

On the pottery front, I missed my first ever Christmas sale since I joined the Guild.  The sale happened while I was in South Africa.  Luckily I was able to show my work at a couple of stores in Ottawa.  I might not have updated my blog much this year, but I managed to produce around 70 pieces.  I tried new style for mugs with new glaze.
New mug design (with brown clay) with Tucker's Falls creek Shino glaze
  And my brother finally got his espresso cup which he'd been asking for over a year.