Saturday, March 14, 2009

It has been a while since my last update...

Wow, it's already March, over 3 months since my last update. I guess it really doesn't help when pottery didn't start again until the 3rd week of January and I have been really slow on taking pictures of my new pots. Here we are in March and 2 more "classes" to go before the winter session is over. I had registered for both spring and summer sessions on the Wednesday night just past and of course I had to stay up past mid-night for that. But I am glad that I got in to both sessions.

Here comes some of my new pots:
These 2 bowls were made from the fall session, glazed with black and Mysterious Blue. I really like this combination and I am sure I will be using this combination very often.

So, the winter session started off with mug fever, here are the mugs I've made. There are quite unique in a way.
Maybe these 2 should be called cups. There are glazed with black and "runny" butter.
Speaking of "runny" the kermit green and dark clear green is the most "runny" combination. But, I have to say that this is also one of the best combination. However, I won't be using it much more because not only that this combination is very runny, it also doesn't stick too well. The big mug in this picture has a bare spot unfortunately and this isn't the first time, but I think it will be the last. :(The lovely Randy's Red mugs.