Friday, December 29, 2017

Year in review: 2017

WOW, another year is coming to an end and it's time for a year in review.

2017 was yet another eventful year for me.  Some of the pottery related things I planned at the beginning of the year worked out, some didn't, some wasn't planned but happened.

The things that didn't happen - I didn't update this blog until December and I also didn't have time to make soup bowls for Great Bowls of Fire.  :(

The things that happened as planned -

I contributed 80 some pieces of Populace (that's the reason why I weren't able to make soup bowls).

My Populace contribution

Populace at the Canadian Museum of Nature

I also made myself a beer mug, not quite the same as those ones that I'd seen in Blumenau but it holds beer :)

My display for the Guild's Christmas Sale
I took part of the Guild's annual Christmas Sale at the Lansdowne Park.  It was in December (December 8 - 10) to avoid football games and it seems to draw more people to visit.  I think most of us had done well.  My sale went well and I sold most of my pieces (partly due to the fact that I didn't make too many pieces this year).  This is very encouraging and motivating to a point that I am looking to make more before the new year.  This is a really good change, as I normally like to take at least a month off before starting up again.

For something new, I had a new design for my mugs.  They are more involved but turned out well.

Oh I made another teapot too. 

Something that wasn't planned - I submitted my mugs for the Magnificent Mug Show at the StΓΏll gallery in Elora, ON and 15 of them were accepted.  It was my very first time to have my work at a gallery outside of Ottawa.  Packing and shipping was a big deal, unfortunately 3 out of the 15 didn't make it to Elora in one piece.  :(  Overall it was a great experience and especially I love to make mugs.

I also added work back to the newly renovated Stonewall Wildes gallery back in November.  

That was a lot that happened this year!

Looking forward to 2018.....

With the successful Christmas Sale, I will need to start making pieces early.  A couple of my friends provided me some good ideas: garlic keeper (which I started) and milk jug.  A customer from the Christmas Sale is looking for more pebble bowls to make a set.  And I would like to make more mugs with the new style and really get working on the bowls for Great Bowls of Fire. Also, I would like to make some more cappuccino mugs as the other ones didn't work out too well.  This is a good list!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Year in review: 2016

Happy 2017 everyone!  I can't believe time flew by so quickly, my last post was a year ago?!  I guess it's time to review the past year....

Year 2016 was a tough and yet interesting year for me outside of pottery making.  Earlier in the year I lost my beloved grandma, but she lived a good life, it was just unfortunate that I weren't able to spend more time with her.  :(

For work, it was an interesting year as I was given many different challenges but at the same time my workload has greatly increased.   

Unfortunately with an eventful year, some stuff got to give and pottery was the one.  Although I didn't spend too much time making new pieces, I was still able to participate my first ever Ottawa Guild of Potters' Spring sale.  I didn't have my own booth, just shared a table with 5 very talented potters.  It's a great idea the Ottawa Guild of Potters' sale committee introduced, it allows someone like myself who can't replenish my inventory quick enough between the Christmas Sale to Spring Sale and yet would like to join the fun.  It was an excellent experience for me and I made some sale as well which was a great bonus.
Display for Spring Sale 2016

Since I missed the Christmas Sale in 2015 (as we were travelling), even though I didn't make too many new pieces, I quickly signed up for the Christmas Sale for 2016 as soon as registration opens.  I treated it as motivation for me to make new work.  However, I didn't really start preparing for the sale until September and of course it was such a rush again, but I did it. 
Display for Christmas Sale 2016

Every year I would like to try making some new or different from the year before, however, I didn't get to do that in year 2016.  I did however improved on some techniques I'd done in the past. 

For example, I brought back the swirl with a little improvement.

Swirl 2016

Improved version of mug
Bigger espresso cup - closer to a cappuccino cup
For 2017, I have a couple of goals.  I would like to have 10 soup bowls for Great Bowls of Fire (I better start on it soon as first week of March is really just around the corner).  And I would also like to take part of the Canada 150 project - Populace (  Populace is a great project organized by 3 lovely members of the Ottawa Guild of Potters.  The project involves making thousands of ceramic roses, lilies and feathers which will be installed in a park adjacent to the Canadian Museum of Nature in June 2017.  

As for making some different every year, I would like to try making beer mugs.  This is an inspiration from my recent trip to a German town in Brazil called Blumenau (  It would be quite cool to drink beer out of a mug made by myself.  :)

Beer mugs display at the Beer Museum in Blumenau, Brazil
Last but not least, of course I would like to be part of the Guild Sale.  I probably won't join the Spring one this year, but would definitely participate for the Christmas one.

Alright that's for now.  Hopefully I will be able to update the blog a bit more often this year.