Sunday, March 30, 2008

After 2 weeks off...

After two weeks off (due to March break and Good Friday), I got to make new pots again! It was quite exciting, especially after I 've seen the following pots from the shelf. These were glazed just before the 2-week holidays.

I personally really like this one, not the shape though. I like the colour combination, it's Denim Blue with Randy's Red splashed on.

This combination I used to do quite often 2 years ago. It's half Denim Blue and half Randy's Red.

This one is my current favourite combination, however it doesn't always turn out nicely. It's Kermit Green and Mysterious Blue.

I love this one too. It's Rany's Red all over (on dark clay of course)!

A mug in Mysterious Blue.

This is probably a vase with my brush on glaze (don't remember what's it called).