Monday, August 26, 2013

August Glaze Load

Some new work from my recent glaze load.  I've been trying to get mysterious blue (floating blue) to the colour I like (more blue than green).  The last new load was using a new schedule with slow cooling and I fired it close to 2200F which was really cone 6 and of course mysterious blue turned green.

This time around I fired my kiln to 2188F and mysterious blue still wasn't very blue.  And cones showed the kiln was a bit hotter than cone 5.5.
Left cone was placed at the lowest shelf whereas the right was placed on the top shelf
The not so blue mysterious blue
The not so blue mysterious blue

New glaze (brushed on)
P8263068 by pottery-girl
This is supposed to be the same glaze as the one above
P8263067 by pottery-girl
new mug
New glaze (brushed on)
New glaze (brushed on)

Friday, August 16, 2013

One post a month?!

Looks like I have been really consistent with my postings...just once a month. :)

It has been an extremely busy summer.  At the end of last month, the Ottawa Guild of Potters set up an exhibit at the City of Ottawa Archives and I have 2 pieces being exhibit there until Oct 4. 

Although I've been busy with family, work and golfing, but I am still working toward my goal of at least 6 new pieces per month. :)  (yes, I am a slow potter)
more mugs

BTW, I have also signed up the Ottawa Guild of Potters' holiday sale between November 14 - 17 at the beautiful Shenkman Art Centre.