Sunday, January 29, 2012

First bisque load of 2012

It's January 29, 2012 and my first bisque load is out.  That's not a bad start for 2012.  There are a total of 16 pieces and yes some stacking was done.  It's good that everything survived.  The smaller bowls were made for the Great Bowls of Fire 2012.  So, I am half way done the pieces for Great Bowls.... :)  I am trying to make a new glaze for them.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where did 2011 go?!

Wow, my last post was around March last year right after the Great Bowls of Fire.  I was at the guild meeting the Monday just past, they are already talking about this year's event.  Where did 2011 go?!  I didn't update my blog for about 10 months.  Guess I am not a very good blogger to follow....:P

2011 was a busy year for me, after the great event of Great Bowls of Fire.  I was really busy with work (yes, pottery is only my hobby).  I worked through many long hours days, weekends etc.  That didn't die down until September.  Then I was finally getting ready for the Fall show.  Although I was busy with work, I still managed to make pots from time to time, but most of them weren't glazed until the month or so before the show.  

So, I started in production mode again in September.  However, it wasn't all productive since we also went on a 10-day cruise in the Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey, Italy).  We brought back with us some beautiful pottery from Greece.  Pictures to follow.
Once we came back from vacation, I started pottery again.  I managed to show up at the show with 79 pieces, although a few of them were from the last show.  The show was at the new venue (The Shenkman Art Centre), a beautiful place, I personally find this new location very suitable for the guild show.  I had a good show and thanks to everyone who came.  It is a motivation for me to work on new pieces.  Click here for my 2011 work.

I should get started on the soup bowls for the Great Bowls of Fire 2012!