Saturday, June 6, 2015

Glaze fire - kiln opening

It's June 6, almost half way through 2015.  It's about low 20C during the day and around 10C at night.  It's perfect time to start the kiln.  :)

This is the 2nd glaze firing of the year.  I didn't take any pictures from the last glaze fire.  However, I did notice the temperature might a a couple of degrees too high for mysterious blue.  So this time around, I set the temperature 2F lower and also put mysterious blue pieces on the lowest shelf.  It seems to have worked out better.

After all these years of training, I am still anxious every time when I do a glaze firing.  What I meant is that during glaze firing, there is still a lot of uncertainty; like would the piece stuck on the shelf (glaze runs off the piece), would the piece develop crack while  firing, or would the colour of the glaze turn out to what I'd expected etc.  This time around, I was quite lucky.  There was only one casualty (one with S crack at the bottom) and the colour of a couple of mugs didn't turn out to what I imagined.  I would consider this a SUCCESS.  :)

Top shelf
Middle shelf 1
Middle shelf 1
Lowest shelf