Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Review

Last day of 2013 and it's time to review my year in Pottery.  There were 5 things that I listed on January 1st and I had only completed a couple of them.  

1. Start early, don't wait until show time!  11 months before the Holiday Show in November and if I want to showcase around 70 new pieces, I shall make at least 6.3 pieces a month.
=> I kept up with this schedule and it worked out very well.  The last week before the show, I found myself glazing and firing rather than making new pieces for the show.

2. Make a new casserole dish.  I made one last year but I found it too shallow.

3.  Make a teapot set.  I made a teapot last year, however, the spout wasn't done well and it doesn't pour right.  The glazing wasn't done well either.
=>Unfortunately, #2 and #3 didn't happen.

4. Make 25 soup bowls to donate for the Ottawa Guild of Potters annual Great Bowls of Fire 2014. 

=>I didn't make any soup bowls in advance.  However, this will happen for sure since I have signed up to donate my 25. 

5. Make at least one dozen mugs for the Holiday Show.

=>I had about 2 dozen mugs for the show this year and many of them are still at home with me. :p

Stuff didn't go as well as planned but it's better to have a plan than don't.  Some of these tasks will move to next year (I am a techie during the day and this is called Agile).