Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New firing schedule

Here are the results using the new firing schedule (pictures were taken with my portable studio). They were fired at cone 6 and more green. I think I still prefer mysterious blue to be more blue than green. However, I still like the result. The new schedule took almost double the time (from 7 and half hours to 14 and a half with some soaking and slow cooling in between).

10" plate with Gladiolus 
Japanese Matcha teacup in mysterious blue at cone 6

Small mug in mysterious blue at cone 6
Large mug

Another matcha teacup in mysterious blue at cone 6
Large mug

Mug with brushed on glaze
Another small mug in mysterious blue at cone 6
Platter (scenery)
Bowl with flowers

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WOW, it's past halfway of the year

WOW, it's July 2nd!  It has past the half way point of the year.  What'd happened?!  My last update was back in May right after the Ron Roy workshop.  I have been really busy with work, family events, golf and some pottery.  

Back in the winter, I got myself a portable photo studio.  And I finally started using it for my new work.  These photos are mainly for my etsy page:  The pictures turn out quite nicely.

On June 22nd, I participated the Ottawa Guild of Potters' Clay Olympics.  It was my first time attending a Clay Olympics and didn't know what to expect except that it would be a lot of fun.  And it was a lot of fun, my team was challenged with making as many bowls as possible in 15 minutes, making the tallest cylinder with 10 lbs of clay, making the widest bowl blind-folded in 15 minutes, making a bowl with a rolled rim and a waist by 2 people (each person only allowed to use one hand), making a sculpture blind-folded, pulling the longest handle, making a slab without any tools, making the tallest coiled pot, and making the tallest pinched pot ball tower.  

I did make some mugs (or some became cups) in May with some porcelain.  And in June, I made some more mugs and bowls with my brown clay.  Now that they are all bisque fired, the beginning of July would be massive glazing.  I have started it already yesterday.  

I also put together a glaze firing schedule based on Ron Roy's recommendation.  I might give it a try for the upcoming firing.  Wish me luck.