Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Summer!

Alright alright, the first of Summer was last week.  But still, the Summer has been great so far (except for the Monday just passed, it was only high of 14 degrees :( )

Just checked my last post, it was posted in April?!  Where did May and June go?  I guess that's just the power of Summer.  

The bisque load in June, mostly mugs and plates (not shown in the picture)

A relatively big bowl
Another casserole attempt

I made some chopsticks pillows for my mom last year and she requested more this year

What have I been doing?  Well, some golfing on the weekend, vacation, work and POTTERY.  Yes, I made some pieces.  

My friends Colin and Nancy had tried out their new butter dish.  It was a great idea from Colin.  I didn't make it big enough to hold one whole butter, but I guess it's usable.  Here are pictures of the butter dish "in action" (OK Colin, you can make fun of me saying that again :p)

Great design by Colin