Monday, June 15, 2009

Second last class of the spring session

The spring studio session is once again coming to the end. I just came back from the second last class. I didn't make too many pots, just 3 bowls. I also trimmed the 3 pieces I've made 3 weeks ago and they were surprisingly nice to trim. I guess things have been drying very slowly at the studio.

Since, I didn't go to the studio last week (due to the company's boat cruise), I went to the studio last Saturday to pick up all my mugs. They turned out quite nice. This time around, I made some square mugs. Those were my first and I am sure I will make some more in the future. I brought a few mugs into work the past week and got very good comments from my co-workers. I sold a few as well. Thanks Julie and Sara!

These mugs were glazed in different glazes. Two of them are butter and dark clear green. The other one is butter and slate blue.
These two are with Julie's favourite colours (kermit green and mysterious blue) and hence they are now Julie's.
These 3 are in a new combination, butter and black.
Another one of the plate with Richard's artwork. Unfortunately, I left it in the glaze bucket for too long....hence some of the details are missing.
Plate with denim blue and randy's red, didn't turn out as well as the one I did last year.

More nice artworks by Richard
Noodle bowls with butter and emerald green.
Square mug with kermit green and mysterious blue.
A big mug with butter and dark clear green.
These mugs are glazed with butter and slate blue.