Monday, May 26, 2008

Pots from the spring session

Haven't been taking pictures for my pots lately, finally took the camera out this, I had 13 new pots sitting on the counter for a few weeks. Yes, it's time to move them down to the basement. :)

My husband has started to decorate my hand-built plates (by carving bamboos) and I think he has done an excellent job with them. They are all glazed with Elusive Green.

I've also made a number of mugs. And last Friday, I had finally made a mug with lid for my grandmother, hopefully it will turn out OK.

Randy's Red Mug
Black all over and Mysterious Blue inside

A hugh mug with Black and Harvest Gold?

Another hugh mug with Black and Harvest Gold?
And of course, my noodle bowls...(with Black and Mysterious Blue)

And regular bowl...(Kermit with Mysterious Blue and Dark Clear Green ragged on)
Some plates...
Randy's Red and Mysterious Blue

Randy's Red with Black (sponged on the leaves)