Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall season

The Fall is here and it has been a lot cooler than the previous years. The heat is on since the end of September, however pots are still not drying as fast as they should be.....I made some mugs 2 weeks ago and they weren't dry enough to trim until last Friday. And of course I didn't have enough time on Friday night to trim all 7 of them and attach handles on them. I ended up bringing all of them home (and yes it was a bit dangerous, but I made it home). I even put on the handles on the same evening, so they are all done now. Here are two of them (and they are square mugs):
Here are some pictures from my recent works:

Hand-built plates nicely designed by Richard and glazed with Myterious Blue

A plate and a bowl with new glaze (turquoise) at the studio

A plate with Randy's Red and Mysterious Blue

A couple of bowls with butter and dark clear green

Square bowl with butter and slate blue

BTW, I also submitted the registration form for this year's Winter Pottery and Arts Sale and will find out if I get in at the end of the month.